999 – Inside the hidden world of the ambulance service

The people we never see, behind the emergency service we desperately need

We all know that if there’s a sudden health emergency, the magic number 999 will bring an ambulance crew to your assistance.

But of course it’s not as simple as that.

Thousands of UNISON members work tirelessly every day to keep the ambulance service running, many of them in roles you’ve never thought about.

To find out more about these vital staff – and the issues they face themselves on the frontline of health care – we take a look inside the world of the Yorkshire Ambulance Service…

999 - Inside the hidden world of the ambulance service

11 thoughts on “999 – Inside the hidden world of the ambulance service

  1. Andy Stenning says:

    While appreciating that our blue light colleagues in the Ambulance Service face a constant barrage of calls, my Police Staff members also face the same issue and more !! I do wish you would also focus on their situation !! It’s not all about the NHS is it !!

  2. Fiona says:

    Thank you for all the hard work that you do it is much appreciated. Unfortunately I’ve had to use the service quite a few times over the last few years as my health has not been great and my family and myself have found them to be fantastic.

  3. Sarah Oatham says:

    I watch programmes on TV about the ambulance service. They do a fantastic job & they’re very kind.

  4. Carol says:

    Very revealing and inspiring. I am very thankful to these people for a number of reasons.

  5. Wilf Griffin says:

    The Clinical Educator in that piece was spot on; you cannot work people at current levels for 35+yrs. But it seems NHS management are more than happy to do so and damn the consequences. I’m starting my 27th year now and I’m not to ashamed to say I feel broken. Physically and mentally. The Trust’s response to that is, essentially, we give you a little help where we can, but inevitably we’ll just sack you. The demands on staff is utterly unsustainable. The prospect of a forty year career is pure fantasy. With the up most respect to those who work in other acute healthcare, there is nothing like this job. Nothing. Why can any right-minded, honest, rational and humane person ignore the facts and work staff to an early grave is beyond my comprehension. My only assumption is that’s exactly what Health Department pen pushers want.

  6. Patricia Wright says:

    I worked for St Johns Ambulance for 20 years,I so lucky to work threw the Ambulance strike .I enjoyed it so Much .I know what they do every day WELL DONE .I was lucky to been trained by South Yorkshire Ambulance Service Loved it Great keep up the good work .you are the Best xxx

  7. Patricia Wright says:

    Well done

  8. Tania Senior says:

    Extremely interesting and very enlightening I would always respect the ambulance service but as your information states we don’t always think about what goes on in the background, now thanks to you I see the whole picture and everyone that keeps the whole service running have my utmost respect , thank you to you all and having had to use the ambulance service on a couple of occasions , we are extremely grateful.

  9. Marlow says:

    The utmost respect for everyone involved in our NHS, true professionals one and all, our NHS is the envy of the world and rightfully so, thank you and god bless you all ❤️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  10. Linda Gray says:

    thank you for highlighting the whole team members who are often just a voice or the background crew who never get the thanks they deserve. Like a jigsaw puzzle with one piece missing it’s incomplete. I have worked with all 3 emergency services over the years and they are the unsung heroes who say “it’s my job” and accept a lot of abuse and danger that a layperson would run a mile from, for a pathetic wage.In other countries it’s money up front first even if your life is in the balance. How would these people who abuse the system react then? These emergency workers are heaven sent. look after them and treasure them before there are none left. A million thanks to every one of you.

  11. S Williams says:

    Every day and night these people work under pressure in understaffed units all too often. They are all amazing people and do a fantastic job under stressful circumstances.

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