999 – Inside the hidden world of the ambulance service

The people we never see, behind the emergency service we desperately need

We all know that if there’s a sudden health emergency, the magic number 999 will bring an ambulance crew to your assistance.

But of course it’s not as simple as that.

Thousands of UNISON members work tirelessly every day to keep the ambulance service running, many of them in roles you’ve never thought about.

To find out more about these vital staff – and the issues they face themselves on the frontline of health care – we take a look inside the world of the Yorkshire Ambulance Service…

999 - Inside the hidden world of the ambulance service

One thought on “999 – Inside the hidden world of the ambulance service

  1. Linda Gray says:

    thank you for highlighting the whole team members who are often just a voice or the background crew who never get the thanks they deserve. Like a jigsaw puzzle with one piece missing it’s incomplete. I have worked with all 3 emergency services over the years and they are the unsung heroes who say “it’s my job” and accept a lot of abuse and danger that a layperson would run a mile from, for a pathetic wage.In other countries it’s money up front first even if your life is in the balance. How would these people who abuse the system react then? These emergency workers are heaven sent. look after them and treasure them before there are none left. A million thanks to every one of you.

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