One Team 2k

UNISON’s London Ambulance Service staff on why everyone working in the NHS deserves a £2k pay rise

NHS staff and the public are coming together to send a simple message to Rishi Sunak ahead of the budget on 3 March. It’s time for the chancellor to step up and fund a £2k pay rise for everyone working in the NHS.

Sign the open letter to Rishi Sunak

One thought on “One Team 2k

  1. susan haywood says:

    I think £1.00 per hour pay rise is a fare pay rise. we have been led to believe all though this covid year we have been valued and thanked.

    if we can not get a fare pay rise bringing us in line with other bodies such as police/prison officers then we will never get a fare pay rise.

    if the unions want us to carry on supporting them, they really should not back down now when we have the backing of the whole country. the prime minister even thanked us so he would be seen very badly in the public eye if he changes his mind about the nhs now.

    a weekly clap does not pay the bills and a weekly clap does not feed our children

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