Storm clouds

Hard times and bleak houses as bills plunge millions into despair

UNISON members face Dickensian hardship as the costs of domestic fuel and petrol cause suffering and fear

UNISON section of large London demo taken from above

Top tips to build the turnout for the TUC demo

UNISON activists share their tried and tested ways of building support for a march and rally

‘I don’t want another family to suffer’

On International Workers’ Memorial Day, Chris Cooper, a member of UNISON’s national health and safety committee, shares the tragic story behind why he became an H&S rep

Portrait of Lee Middlemass

Probation on a pittance

Having survived a disastrous period of part-privatisation, UNISON members in the Probation Service are still undervalued and underpaid. Lee Middlemass is one of them

Policing male violence

Labour’s shadow police minister, Sarah Jones, talks about the challenge of tackling violence against women in the wake of the murder of Sarah Everard

How to help members facing bereavement

COVID-19 has seen UNISON members having to deal with intense levels of grief – both personally and as part of their jobs. But UNISON can help

Poetry and the pandemic

A UNISON competition to explore 2020 in verse proved to be a big success

Taking the reins of power

With Kamala Harris making history as America’s first female vice-president, Amanda Kendal reflects on the value of having women in positions of authority

Caste: The Lies That Divide Us

As part of Black History Month, we review a new book that explores systems of exploitation, suppression and persecution

COVID’s lessons for a greener future

World Environment Day comes in the midst of a pandemic – and coronavirus has brought unexpected lessons for a better future