How to… keep learning in a time of crisis

Clair Hawkins and Kathleen Jowett of UNISON’s learning and organising service outline how we are supporting member learning and activist training during the COVID-19 crisis – and highlight the key role of union learning reps

A passion for caring

Trainee nursing associate Carley Kane is hoping to qualify soon – and already has big plans for encouraging the ‘nursing family’ of tomorrow

‘I don’t feel powerless anymore’

Young Black members on why they joined UNISON – and the many benefits

Handle with care

A UNISON special feature investigates the state of social care in the UK

Settling the nerves

UNISON reps are being trained to help EU members through the minefield of settled status

How to… write a motion

Policy officer Michelle Singleton offers some help on the best way of writing a successful motion for conferences

‘He spoke to me as a human being, not as a scally off the estate’

Angela Rayner tells Demetrios Matheou about her journey from care worker to UNISON activist to a Labour MP who’s hoping to become her party’s deputy leader

Say No 2 Subcos

Members working in the English NHS across the country have been fighting attempts by health trusts to transfer them to wholly owned subsidiaries

How to… organise a photo stunt

UNISON head of media Liz Chinchen outlines how to best arrange a photo stunt to help your campaigning work

The UNISON member rebelling against extinction

Amanda King was arrested in London in October while protesting peacefully against inaction on climate change