Councils on the brink

Coronavirus has seriously hit local government finances, but the scale of the problem has been years in the making. Demetrios Matheou and Simon Jackson investigate

How to win on the picket line

As UNISON health members in England and Wales face tough decisions over an unfair pay award, the recent experience of colleagues in Northern Ireland may offer inspiration

How to get the vote out

What can activists do to encourage members to engage with their pay ballot? UNISON’s campaigns team offers some top tips and encouragement

Courts get tough on car hire companies

Uber and Addison Lee both lose cases, with significant implications for the gig economy and the status of workers

The post-pandemic world of work

UNISON’s acting head of policy David Arnold explores the changes to work practices during the COVID-19 pandemic and asks what the future holds

‘We’re here to protect lives’

The pandemic focused the world’s attention on health and safety. But for UNISON’s health and safety reps, protecting everyone in the workplace was already a way of life

‘This level of care is beyond my comprehension’

Poet and author Michael Rosen recalls the NHS staff who helped him survive COVID-19

A woman sitting at a dining table looking concerned

‘A kick in the teeth’

There were plenty of plaudits for key workers during the pandemic, but gratitude has not extended to members’ pay packets. And their financial worries are mounting

Inside the world of the operating department practitioner

To mark National ODP Day, UNISON meets two of its ODP members – one old hand, one newcomer, equally dedicated to saving lives

Workplace safety affects us all

As we approach International Workers’ Memorial Day, UNISON looks back at a year when workplace safety took centre stage