Mother and baby

Survey reveals impact on families of low maternity pay

Statutory maternity pay, at 47% of the national living wage and 37% of women’s median incomes, is forcing new mothers back to work early or into debt

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Swelling bankers’ pay packets won’t help people struggling with bills

Ministers should be helping the millions struggling with rising bills, not allowing their wealthy pals to feather their nests further

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PM’s policy wheezes are last desperate roll of the dice from a government on borrowed time

Christina McAnea tells Rishi Sunak to call an election and let the people elect a government that can put right the many wrongs of the past decade

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Get support with your energy bills

The vice chair of There for You’s board, Debi Potter, explains the upcoming phase of the Energy Support Fund

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hand holding steering wheel of car

Workers speak out about mileage rates

“We have not had an increase in our mileage costs for twelve years, yet the fuel prices have vastly been inflated”

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Through the roof

The rapid rise of rent is putting low-paid UNISON members at risk of destitution.

Out-of-date mileage rates are driving workers into poverty

Research shows that the ‘mileage gap’ is costing NHS, social care, police and local government employees up to £6,000 a year. Janey Starling reports

UNISON NDC Conference 2023

Conference continues debate on the cost of living

Three motions on the issue were debated on Friday morning – including the effect on Black workers and renters

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Glen Williams speaking at 2023 LG conference

Time to fight for a fair pay rise

Local government conference opens in Liverpool with a refusal ‘to be made poorer by this government’

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The Future We Want

Labour’s deputy leader, UNISON’s general secretary and a leading UNISON activist – three very influential women – discuss the politics needed to bring about change