Help improve COVID-19 safety in schools

UNISON is asking members to email their MP to put pressure on the government to reintroduce COVID-19 safety measures in schools

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How to help members facing bereavement

COVID-19 has seen UNISON members having to deal with intense levels of grief – both personally and as part of their jobs. But UNISON can help

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It’s #NotTooMuchToMask

Wearing masks doesn’t stop anyone from living their lives. But it can help prevent infection spread and limit pressure on the NHS

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Police officers on a Glasgow street

UNISON praises police decision to retain COVID protections

The decision was taken by the National Police Chiefs Council for England and Wales and will help to safeguard operational capability

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Blog: Wilfully sowing the seeds of masked confusion

If only the Westminster government could show some of the responsibility it wants the rest of us to take on

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Blog: The best birthday or thank you gift is a pay rise, now

Thank you days for key workers and birthday celebrations – and even the George Cross for the NHS – are richly deserved, but what really matters is an increase in pay

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Conference demands full inquiry into the handling of the pandemic

Major debate looks at the Westminster government’s COVID record, from procurement of PPE to the impact on Black workers

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‘This level of care is beyond my comprehension’

Poet and author Michael Rosen recalls the NHS staff who helped him survive COVID-19

Gloved hand holding vial of COVID-19 vaccine

UNISON endorses Labour’s call for an international vaccine plan

Emily Thornberry says we have to plan now to ensure the world is safe in the future – and a patent waiver should only be the start

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Unions call on secondary schools and colleges to retain masks

UNISON joins other education unions in England to put the case for continuing use of face coverings by staff and children

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