Our trans members, proud to be in – and out in – UNISON

UNISON meets with some of our trans members to mark Transgender Awareness Week

hands raised, facing palms out to stop violence, against a dark background

UNISON welcomes new law to prevent sexual harassment at work

Government set to introduce mandatory duty on employers to protect staff by introducing explicit protections from third-party harassment

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Blog: George Floyd’s murder, one year on

The public protests in the wake of George Floyd’s murder challenged corporations and institutions to address the glaring racial disparities in their organisation and in society

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TUC survey reveals 71% of working mothers denied furlough

Working parents – particularly mothers – are in an impossible situation this lockdown. UNISON is calling for paid parental leave to support them

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UNISON salutes team that kept up abortion access in lockdown

Union-sponsored annual nursing team award goes to nurses who helped ensure women had access to abortion services during COVID-19

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A champion of diversity

Our Nelson Mandela Award winner on heroes, history, activism and bringing more Black people to the boardroom

‘Without a struggle, there can be no progress’

To mark Black History Month, UNISON looks at one part of the struggle to end slavery

Blog: Ten years of the Equality Act and still fighting

UNISON disabled and LGBT+ activist Louise Ashworth looks back at 10 years of the Equality Act

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Head and shoulders shots of Tansaim Hussain-Gul and Graeme Ellis

Blog: Let’s have an informed discussion about working from home

Graeme Ellis and Tansaim Hussain-Gul are co-chairs of UNISON’s national disabled members’ committee. Here, they look at how COVID-19 has disproved myths about home working being unproductive

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Torso of a pregnant woman, with hands supporting belly

Blog: the plight of pregnant workers in the age of COVID

Julia O’Connell, the vice chair of UNISON’s national women’s committee, explains what’s it like to be pregnant – and working – during COVID-19

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