2024: The Year of LGBT+ Workers

Members of the union’s LGBT+ committee explain why they think the year is so important, and what it can offer LGBT+ members

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Take the UNISON equalities survey

Tell us about your experiences during the cost of living crisis – and help to shape our campaigning and bargaining

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Conference restates UNISON’s campaign for abortion rights

‘The fact that abortion is still a criminal offence in this country has to change’

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Embracing equality on International Women’s Day

UNISON women – imagining a gender equal world

Women and trade unions

Women have always been central to trade unions and the fight for a more equal society. To celebrate Women’s History Month we’ve put together a timeline of some of the key dates for women and the trade union movement.

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Women’s equality at risk of being put back 25 years by the pandemic

Currently at 15%, the gender gap still needs to be bridged, women’s conference is told

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Blog: Why attacks on legal abortion are a trade union matter

A leaked opinion from the US supreme court has suggested that abortion there could be severely limited. Anne McVicker, chair of national women’s committee, and Liz Wheatley, chair of the international committee, explain why this matters to UNISON

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Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

To UNISON and our predecessor unions Desmond Tutu was and is an inspiration

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Our trans members, proud to be in – and out in – UNISON

UNISON meets with some of our trans members to mark Transgender Awareness Week

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Blog: Government proposals to end ‘conversion therapy’ are a cop out

As UNISON national LGBT+ officer Mitchell Coe examines the problems with the latest UK government proposals and explains how you can add your voice to the consultation that has just opened

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