UNISON Northern Ireland pauses health strike after government offer of talks

Escalation of strike action ‘finally got the message through’

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Christina McAnea speaks to a rally of health workers in NI

Government inaction means NI health strikes continue

Thousands of health workers Northern Ireland will walk out on Friday 31 March and 3 April after talks failed to progress dispute

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Third day of NHS strikes in Northern Ireland

Thousands of UNISON members in the six arm’s length bodies of the health trust have walked out today, including staff at the NI ambulance service.

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female cleaner in a hospital

Hospital staff in Liverpool are coming home

Staff at two Liverpool hospital sites who work as cleaners, porters, caterers and in other domestic services will be transferred in-house on 1 April

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Five UNISON members on an OCS picket line, with UNISON flags and banner reading: 'Claps don't pay the bills – key workers demand fair pay'.

OCS workers secure major victory after 26 days of strike action

The outsourced workers have won a pay rise of over 14%, an extra week’s leave and the same sick pay as their directly-employed NHS colleagues

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Green box with purple outline, tilted at a slight angle on a white background in the left half of the rectangle. Words 'vote yes for the NHS' in purple and white. Background is white, with UNISON logo at top right and nhspay.org in green at bottom right

Blog: Vote ‘yes’ for your futures and the future of our NHS

The current health secretary says nurses can like it or lump it on the below-inflation pay offer, but that’s not good enough. NHS staff – and the service itself – need much better

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Pledge yes NHS logo

Pledge Yes for the NHS

UNISON launches next stage of its NHS pay campaign, in lead up to industrial action ballot

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Manchester healthcare assistants organising committee

Manchester NHS workers get back pay thanks to UNISON campaign

Healthcare assistants are re-banded after the union revealed that they were carrying out clinical tasks that were above the grade they had been hired on

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​Proper action needed for Black workers in health and care

Lofty words mean little without decisive action to back them up

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University Hospital Wishaw

UNISON wins major insourcing battle in Lanarkshire

The jobs of 400 workers at University Hospital Wishaw will be transferred from private contractor Serco onto NHS contracts, with no job losses

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