WASPI women at parliament

Opinion: Why the fight for Waspi pension justice is far from over

The lack of sympathy toward Waspi women is not surprising. Society continues to undervalue the work that women do and takes their contribution for granted

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Women in the UK’s public services repeatedly denied flexible-work requests, says UNISON

Inconsistent, rigid and unimaginative employers are denying individuals the flexibility they need

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Women and trade unions

Women have always been central to trade unions and the fight for a more equal society. To celebrate Women’s History Month we’ve put together a timeline of some of the key dates for women and the trade union movement.

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Portrait of Christina McAnea

Blog: The menopause really is a workplace issue

UNISON is marking World Menopause Day by stressing that just a few changes in the working environment can make the world of difference to working women

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Torso of a pregnant woman, with hands supporting belly

Help boost protection for pregnant women and new parents

UNISON has been working with Dan Jarvis MP on the issue and with a second reading of a private member’s bill due this Friday, you can help ensure it gains support

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Hundreds of protestors hold pro-abortion placards

UNISON backs abortion rights and decriminalisation

Abortion is still illegal in the UK, with a recent report revealing that a woman was arrested straight after a stillbirth in Cornwall and remains under investigation

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Blog: Why attacks on legal abortion are a trade union matter

A leaked opinion from the US supreme court has suggested that abortion there could be severely limited. Anne McVicker, chair of national women’s committee, and Liz Wheatley, chair of the international committee, explain why this matters to UNISON

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Mayor of London announces ground-breaking menopause policy

The new policy, which was created in conjunction with UNISON and announced on International Women’s day, will apply to all workers at City Hall

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screenshot of Christina McAnea addressing women's conference

UNISON general secretary calls on men to stand ‘beside’ women

Christina McAnea addresses women’s conference and stresses the need for the union to be more representative of its million female members

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Black woman on a march with UNISON branding

UNISON women convene for annual conference

Opening debates see delegates discuss how to increase proportionality within the union, particularly for part-time women workers, who represent a large part of the membership

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