From Cardiff to Chad: a neonatal nurse’s extraordinary career

Angela Gorman recalls the inspiration for a charity that has saved the lives of thousands of pregnant women in Africa

Taking the reins of power

With Kamala Harris making history as America’s first female vice-president, Amanda Kendal reflects on the value of having women in positions of authority

Every single day, this is what UNISON does for women

With more than a million women members, UNISON is always loud and proud for women’s rights at work. Here are just a couple of our recent wins

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Blog: We’re not martyrs, we’re fighting for change

This International Women’s Day we’ll all be ‘choosing to challenge’ – just as we always do in UNISON

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‘If you work with people, you work with victims of domestic abuse’

UNISON hosted a panel event on empowering victims and survivors of domestic abuse in the workplace, with speakers including MP Jess Phillips

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hands raised, facing palms out to stop violence, against a dark background

UNISON wins workplace protection for domestic abuse victims

New domestic abuse protection orders will help to prevent abusive partners coming to victims’ workplaces

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TUC survey reveals 71% of working mothers denied furlough

Working parents – particularly mothers – are in an impossible situation this lockdown. UNISON is calling for paid parental leave to support them

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UK cash. coins and bank note

COVID reverses progress on financial equality

“When the country starts to count the cost of the pandemic, we can’t allow the burden to fall on women – again”

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Homeworking versus the office – what do members think?

The COVID-19 crisis has promoted ‘working from home’ to unprecedented levels. But whether that’s a good, great or terrible thing depends who you’re speaking to

When homeworking versus the office isn’t a straightforward choice

The results from UNISON’s annual equalities survey are in, and after 8,825 responses including from Black, disabled, women and LGBT+ members, one of the most contentious topics is working from home

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