The limbo of long COVID

UNISON members and reps talk about the debilitating aftermath of coronavirus

stressed filipina nurse taking phonecall at home

‘If you want a reference, pay up.’ How UK care homes are exploiting overseas nurses

UNISON has discovered cases of care home employers trapping overseas nurses in exploitative workplaces and charging them thousands of pounds if they try to leave

Low pay, high impact

Some of UNISON’s lowest-paid women members are representing the needs of fellow workers from different levels of the union’s leadership

The awesome lives of school caretakers

UNISON member Maggie Fordham is a support worker in her local UNISON branch. Here, she writes about some of the remarkable school caretakers she’s met in her job.

Our champions of champions

UNISON’s Local Service Champions awards celebrate the invaluable contribution that local authority staff make to everyone’s lives

NHS staff: the terrible toll of COVID-19 on mental health

‘The pressure on staff of keeping us safe during COVID-19 has been relentless’

‘I can’t afford to retire’ – why carers need a living wage

Three out of four care workers don’t earn the living wage. UNISON vice president Sian Stockham is one of them and is leading the fight to raise carers’ pay

It doesn’t matter if you’re a cleaner or a surgeon, the NHS is one team

UNISON’s One Team campaign gives NHS support staff the recognition they deserve

A model teaching assistant

Stars in our Schools celebrates the school support staff who strive to give our children the best possible education

How the Home Office is risking lives in the NHS

Despite massive NHS staff shortages, healthcare workers have been forced to return to their home countries during the pandemic