Female UNISON member smiling, with stickies on her fingers, at a UNISON learning event

Love to learn with UNISON

Did you know your union runs its own college? Find out what’s available for members and activists – or how members can become activists

Carola Towle and Jackie Lewis discussing campaigning for LGBT+ rights and equality

Get loud, get proud

This is UNISON’s Year of LGBT+ Workers. Amanda Kendal joined two legends of the fight for equality, Carola Towle and Jackie Lewis, to find out why now is a good time

Employment law: improving work-life balance

UNISON’s legal team explores several new and amended regulations that seek to improve family life for employees

Book review – Burnout

How can activists overcome burnout? Hannah Proctor looks to history for answers

One Team Awards

The 2024 One Team Award winners

UNISON’s One Team Awards honour the work of NHS support staff. This year’s winners – a payroll officer, a hospital domestic and a chef – share what the recognition means to them

The unsung heroes of policing

The Police Staff Week of Celebration and Recognition marks the vital contribution of UNISON members in keeping communities safe

Champions in Our Colleges: celebrating support staff

‘We’re nurturing the next generation of workers, but we’re undervalued and understaffed’

2024: The Year of LGBT+ Workers

Members of the union’s LGBT+ committee explain why they think the year is so important, and what it can offer LGBT+ members

Bringing services home

A successful insourcing campaign at a London university offers valuable lessons for UNISON’s campaign to bring services in-house

Kerry Davies at RCSLT awards

Healthcare workers living with long COVID

UNISON member Kerry Davies won an award from the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists for her advocacy on long COVID