The bigger picture

Photo of a plantation worker, walking in a plantation, away from the camera, carrying a large number of bananas on his back

The bruising truth about bananas

Plantation workers in Costa Rica pay a high price for the tropical fruit on our tables, but trade unions are working hard to protect them. Demetrios Matheou reports

Legal briefing: sexual harassment at work

UNISON’s legal team looks at current attempts, through the Worker Protection Bill, to strengthen legal safeguards against workplace harassment, including sexual harassment

Ending the need for food banks

More people than ever in the UK are having to resort to food banks to feed themselves and their families. But a society without any food banks, at all, is entirely possible

A Greener Planet

Peter Frost and Ilina Todorovska are green reps who also have important environmental roles with their councils – lending them a dual perspective on the fight to avert the climate crisis

Norway: showing the way

Properly funded public services. A respected, well-treated workforce. A strong relationship between government and unions. No, we’re not talking about the UK

Turkey police squad protecting government against riot - protest fighting concept, military 3D Illustration on flag background

Rebranded Türkiye – still branding trade unionists as terrorists

Turkey may now be Türkiye, but the state’s attacks on trade unions continue. Janey Starling talked to the president of the Confederation of Public Employees Trade Unions

Portrait of Polly Jpnes

Fighting for the right to be politically active

UNISON member Polly Jones was sacked from her job for simply expressing an interest in standing as an an MP. The legal battle that followed has far-reaching implications

Councils on the brink

Coronavirus has seriously hit local government finances, but the scale of the problem has been years in the making. Demetrios Matheou and Simon Jackson investigate

Courts get tough on car hire companies

Uber and Addison Lee both lose cases, with significant implications for the gig economy and the status of workers

The second wave

After a year spent fighting COVID-19 on the wards, NHS nurses are ‘running on empty’