Behind the headlines

How to win on the picket line

As UNISON health members in England and Wales face tough decisions over an unfair pay award, the recent experience of colleagues in Northern Ireland may offer inspiration

The post-pandemic world of work

UNISON’s acting head of policy David Arnold explores the changes to work practices during the COVID-19 pandemic and asks what the future holds

A decent place to live

A new housing report commissioned by UNISON paints a shocking picture of the UK’s housing crisis, while offering a positive vision for the future of affordable housing

‘This level of care is beyond my comprehension’

Poet and author Michael Rosen recalls the NHS staff who helped him survive COVID-19

A woman sitting at a dining table looking concerned

‘A kick in the teeth’

There were plenty of plaudits for key workers during the pandemic, but gratitude has not extended to members’ pay packets. And their financial worries are mounting

Workplace safety affects us all

As we approach International Workers’ Memorial Day, UNISON looks back at a year when workplace safety took centre stage

Still much to fight for as Brexit slowly becomes a reality

Four years after Article 50, UNISON policy officer Allison Roche says the union is working hard to keep the government honest over the UK’s separation from Europe

Taking the reins of power

With Kamala Harris making history as America’s first female vice-president, Amanda Kendal reflects on the value of having women in positions of authority

The unsung key workers

The past 12 months of pandemic would have been very different without UNISON members keeping bus stations open and water in our homes

The second wave

After a year spent fighting COVID-19 on the wards, NHS nurses are ‘running on empty’