Port Talbot leisure workers

Welsh leisure centre workers claim insourcing victory

After a UNISON-led campaign, a Welsh council has announced that its leisure services will be brought back in house

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Sandwell Leisure Trust workers set to strike again over fire and rehire

West Midlands members continue their long-running action over contracts

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Council and school workers deserve much more than below-inflation pay offer as strike ballot begins

Recommendation is to vote yes to strike action

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Vote yes graphic for local government ballot

11 things you need to know about council and school pay

If you work in a council or school, your voting papers will be mailed to you in December, with a freepost envelope

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Save our services

More and more essential local services are crumbling away. But we can #SaveOurServices

Councils on the brink

Coronavirus has seriously hit local government finances, but the scale of the problem has been years in the making. Demetrios Matheou and Simon Jackson investigate

Blog: Is this the kind of community you want to live in?

Our local services face catastrophic cuts. Help us stand up for them and take action now

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Have your say on pay graphic

‘Now is the time – have your say on pay’

Securing fair pay for hard-working members is UNISON’s top priority, as general secretary urges members to make sure their voices are heard

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UNISON condemns ‘slap in the face’ for Scottish local government workers

Scottish unions write joint letter condemning Scottish Government’s failure to provide funding for proper pay rise

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Fair pay for council and school workers

The forgotten frontline: council and school staff need a 10% pay rise

UNISON is calling for a 10% pay rise for all local government workers, as financial recognition for their commitment to public service

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