How to…

It’s good to talk – especially now

A Yorkshire & Humberside branch, with the help of its local organiser, is making sure to touch base personally with every new member during lockdown

How to… keep learning in a time of crisis

Clair Hawkins and Kathleen Jowett of UNISON’s learning and organising service outline how we are supporting member learning and activist training during the COVID-19 crisis – and highlight the key role of union learning reps

How to… write a motion

Policy officer Michelle Singleton offers some help on the best way of writing a successful motion for conferences

How to… organise a photo stunt

UNISON head of media Liz Chinchen outlines how to best arrange a photo stunt to help your campaigning work

How to… develop your workplace contacts

A workplace contact can often be your next important activist – UNISON’s Learning and Organising Services team offers some tips on guiding them on the next steps

How to… choose a campaign

Getting your campaign off to a good start

How to… write a press release

UNISON’s guide to writing the perfect press release

How to… get marching

Expert advice on how to plan and get the most out of marches and demonstrations

Boring line-up of people

How to… picture this

It’s great to use photographs in your campaigning work. But how do you maximise their impact?