Jon Cruddas

Book review – A Century of Labour

The ‘origin story’ of the party makes clear it has always been made up of many different strands – a ‘broad church’

A photo of James O'Brien

Book review – How They Broke Britain

James O’Brien takes aim at the ‘bad actors’ who damaged this country. By Amanda Kendal

2024: The Year of LGBT+ Workers

Members of the union’s LGBT+ committee explain why they think the year is so important, and what it can offer LGBT+ members

UNISON is standing up for social workers and their profession

Four new films illustrate why social work is important and why being in a union is vital too

The Statue of Liberty rising out of water and ice as a symbol of climate change

The Earth will continue … But we won’t

Two activists explain why Green UNISON Week, from 15-22 September, is so important

Book review – Code of Conduct: Why we need to fix Parliament – and how to do it

Labour MP Chris Bryant considers the flaws of what has become a ‘Pinocchio Parliament’ and some possible solutions

Through the roof

The rapid rise of rent is putting low-paid UNISON members at risk of destitution.

Local Service Champions: binding our communities together

We meet the winners of this year’s Local Service Champions Awards

Turkey police squad protecting government against riot - protest fighting concept, military 3D Illustration on flag background

Rebranded Türkiye – still branding trade unionists as terrorists

Turkey may now be Türkiye, but the state’s attacks on trade unions continue. Janey Starling talked to the president of the Confederation of Public Employees Trade Unions

Storm clouds

Hard times and bleak houses as bills plunge millions into despair

UNISON members face Dickensian hardship as the costs of domestic fuel and petrol cause suffering and fear