Four UNISON members carrying a banner march through the streets of London

Why we marched in London at the weekend

Seven UNISON members tell us why they marched through London to ‘Demand Better’ on Saturday

Article on the UNISON National site.

Why we marched in London to ‘Demand Better’

UNISON members explain why they took part in the TUC’s march and rally

"Together We Rise in UNISON"

18 June: Together we will rise in UNISON

In the run up to the 18 June, we spoke to three UNISON members asking how the cost of living is affecting them and why they’re marching

Take the first step – our march and demo guide for first timers

The big national 18 June cost of living march and rally is fast approaching. But if this is going to be your first march, what can you expect? Simon Jackson picks the brains of two of UNISON’s most experienced stewards to find out

TUC demo: Seven bonus reasons to enjoy a day out in London

A sideways glance at some of the less obvious reasons why you and your friends should fight for a solution to the cost of living crisis at the big national TUC demos on 18 June

Article on the UNISON National site.
Christina McAnea

Blog: No surprise at a Queen’s Speech that delivered nothing

The Tories in Westminster didn’t focus on what needs to be done to tackle the cost of living crisis, but on ‘the wrong things and the wrong time’

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